• Macarons Macarons

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    This delicious French dessert seems impossible to cook at home at first ...

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  • Cherry Cup Cake Cherry Cup Cake

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    A cherry cupcake is a classic dish, that everyone shall know how to cook....

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  • Chocolate Pizza Chocolate Pizza

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    Another culinary experiment? Why not? Try cooking a sweet chocolate pizza ...

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  • Thanksgiving Day Turkey Thanksgiving Day Turkey

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    What is the best way of cooking Thanksgiving Day turkey? Perhaps, Sara’s ...

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  • Chicken Pot-Pie Chicken Pot-Pie

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    Our chef Sara invites you to join her cooking class and to try preparing ...

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Sushi California Rolls

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Description and rules

Some cooking magic is about to begin! Cook adorable sushi rolls at Sara’s kitchen. It’s so interesting and entertaining to learn how to prepare yummy Asian dishes like rolls, playing one of the most popular and brightest games ever created: great design, true recipes, and realistic images - cooking your digital California sushi is a real fan and an entertaining way to learn more about one of the most popular snacks in the world!