• Raisin Pudding Raisin Pudding

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    Soft pudding with some tasty raisins is a light and delicious dessert ...

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  • Baklava Baklava

    Rating Views 1K

    This unusual sweet dessert came from Eastern countries. The sweet dish ...

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  • Cake Pops Cake Pops

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    Cake Pops will become your friends’ favorite sweets if you cook them ...

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  • Chocolate Pizza Chocolate Pizza

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    Another culinary experiment? Why not? Try cooking a sweet chocolate pizza ...

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  • Chicken & Pastry Chicken & Pastry

    Rating Views 925

    Another great dish from Southern countries. Great combination of soft ...

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Description and rules

Are you a fan of rich and tasty Mediterranean cuisine? Try cooking hot and aromatic gyros at the new Sara’s kitchen. This game is more than just another online entertainment, it’s a way to have a better insight into a culinary science while enjoying excellent gaming soft and high-quality animation.

Feel like a professional cooking tasty gyros and learning the authentic recipe and some hacks!