• Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes

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    Your pancakes will look so yummy, just follow Sara’s instructions and ...

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  • Carrot Cake Carrot Cake

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    Want to cook tasty and healthy dessert - a carrot cake is what you need!...

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  • Peach Cobbler Peach Cobbler

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    Imagine yourself cooking a tasty cobbler from fresh and juicy peaches ...

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    Christmas is not Christmas without these delicious pies. Still don’t ...

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Potato Soup

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Description and rules

Don’t you like eating soups? The Potato Soup you learn to cook with Sara is going to become one of your favorite dishes!

Sara’s Cooking Class is the entertaining game for girls who want to learn to cook different dishes. The chef gives you simple instructions that will help you to become the real master on your kitchen.

Have fun playing this popular online game for free!