• Chicken & Pastry Chicken & Pastry

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    Another great dish from Southern countries. Great combination of soft ...

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  • Tiramisu Tiramisu

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    An Italian tiramisu is one of the top popular desserts in the world. Millions ...

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  • Trifle Trifle

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    Cooking your favorite dessert has never been easier than this time! Sara’s ...

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  • Strawberry Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream

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    Sweet ice cream and sour fresh strawberries make the perfect combination ...

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  • Maple Salmon Maple Salmon

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    Thick and soft piece of a salmon can be times tastier if you cook it with ...

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Pizza Tricolore

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Description and rules

Pizza like in Italia in your kitchen – this is not a dream! If you play Sara’s Cooking Class you will know how to cook healthy homemade pizza yourself.

You will like everything about this game – graphics, music, idea, the gameplay and navigation. Sara will give you useful tips you will use in the process.

Enjoy playing and learn to cook together with a friendly online chef!