• Pinata Biscuits Pinata Biscuits

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    Cooking has never been easier before! Sara’s Cooking Class will teach ...

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  • Sweet Rice Cakes Sweet Rice Cakes

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    Your family will be so happy to taste some delicious sweet rice cakes....

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  • Picnic Kabobs Picnic Kabobs

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    What do you usually take to snack when going to a picnic? Some sandwiches ...

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  • Cake Pops Cake Pops

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    Cake Pops will become your friends’ favorite sweets if you cook them ...

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  • Strawberry Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream

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    Sweet ice cream and sour fresh strawberries make the perfect combination ...

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Description and rules

Are you in love with a rich taste of paella? Try to cook it on your own following detailed instructions of Sara! This dish is a real culinary bomb that explodes with an unbelievable taste. Learn how to cook the best paella ever by an authentic recipe that made Spanish cuisine won the culinary world!

Learn all Sara’s cooking secrets starting this game! Simply click the screen and get to the most popular digital kitchen ever!