• Roasted Potatoes Roasted Potatoes

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    The best practical recipe is the one that turns ordinary ingredients into ...

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  • Chocolate Cookies Chocolate Cookies

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    This is one of the most popular dishes in our homes. Chocolate cookies ...

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  • Napoleon Pastries Napoleon Pastries

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    Need a special dessert for a special occasion? Napoleon Pastries is what ...

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  • Strawberry Parfait Strawberry Parfait

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    The parfait is light and tender like a cloud! You can easily prepare some ...

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  • Green Tea Ice Cream Green Tea Ice Cream

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    Green tea can be an excellent warming drink for a cold morning. However,...

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Description and rules

Those who love cooking and tasting kebab have to play this game. Being developed for girls, Sara’s Cooking Class will be able to help anyone in learning how to cook and have some fun.

It is really exciting and captivating. The gameplay starts with letting you choose the set of necessary cooking appliances and products according to the recipe.

Step by step you get closer to creating a culinary masterpiece.