• Peanut Butter Cookies Peanut Butter Cookies

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    Do you know which secret of peanut butter cookies makes them so popular ...

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  • Vegetable Frittata Vegetable Frittata

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    Italian cuisine is known globally due to variety of dishes and tastes ...

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  • Green Bean Salad Green Bean Salad

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    Can healthy food be incredibly tasty as well? Definitely! And Sara is ...

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  • Pizza Tricolore Pizza Tricolore

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    Pizza like in Italia in your kitchen – this is not a dream! If you play ...

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  • Chocolate Mousse Cake Chocolate Mousse Cake

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    Waiting for guests or planning a family celebration? Surprise your guests ...

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Chili con Carne

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Description and rules

Do you love Mexican food? Want to learn how to cook it? Join Sara at her kitchen.

Sara’s Cooking Class is an entertaining guide to fine cuisine. Following simple steps and tips you will easily learn how to cook chili con carne and present it to your family and friends.

You will be earning points for performing different actions that will be useful for you during the gameplay.

Do not miss a chance to become a chef!