• Banana Egg Tarts Banana Egg Tarts

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    Banana is a perfect ingredient for culinary dishes. Being sweet and refreshing ...

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  • Rainbow Cupcakes Rainbow Cupcakes

    Rating Views 413

    Homemade Sara’s cakes have a special taste. You can learn how to cook ...

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  • Quesadilla Quesadilla

    Rating Views 434

    What is the best way to know more about a culture of another country? ...

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  • Thanksgiving Day Turkey Thanksgiving Day Turkey

    Rating Views 360

    What is the best way of cooking Thanksgiving Day turkey? Perhaps, Sara’s ...

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  • Stuffed Mushrooms Stuffed Mushrooms

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    Welcome to Sara’s kitchen where she teaches how to cook different delicious ...

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Page 2: Sara's Cooking Class

  • Christmas Pudding

    Christmas Pudding Play
  • Pancakes

    Pancakes Play
  • Lentil Soup

    Lentil Soup Play
  • Apple Beignets

    Apple Beignets Play
  • Brownies

    Brownies Play
  • Chocolate Cookies

    Chocolate Cookies Play
  • Pizza Burgers

    Pizza Burgers Play
  • Paella

    Paella Play
  • Green Tea Ice Cream

    Green Tea Ice Cream Play
  • Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes

    Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes Play
  • Risotto

    Risotto Play
  • Raisin Pudding

    Raisin Pudding Play
  • Flan

    Flan Play
  • Ratatouille Casserole

    Ratatouille Casserole Play
  • Pavlova

    Pavlova Play
  • Pierogi

    Pierogi Play
  • Caramel Rolls

    Caramel Rolls Play
  • Maple Salmon

    Maple Salmon Play
  • Mushroom Soup

    Mushroom Soup Play
  • Kebab

    Kebab Play
  • Lasagna

    Lasagna Play
  • Mini Pop Tarts

    Mini Pop Tarts Play
  • Vegetable Frittata

    Vegetable Frittata Play
  • Thai Beef Salad

    Thai Beef Salad Play
  • Chocolate Pizza

    Chocolate Pizza Play
  • Potato Salad

    Potato Salad Play
  • Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Chocolate Mousse Cake Play
  • Chocolate Blackberry Cheesecake

    Chocolate Blackberry Cheesecake Play
  • Healthy Chicken Nuggets

    Healthy Chicken Nuggets Play
  • Peanut Butter Cookies

    Peanut Butter Cookies Play
  • Fish Tacos

    Fish Tacos Play
  • Peach Cobbler

    Peach Cobbler Play
  • Caramel Nut Brownie

    Caramel Nut Brownie Play
  • Nachos & Dip

    Nachos & Dip Play
  • Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole

    Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole Play
  • Ice Cream Puff

    Ice Cream Puff Play
  • Christmas Biscuits

    Christmas Biscuits Play
  • Easter Sugar Cookies

    Easter Sugar Cookies Play
  • Pizza Tricolore

    Pizza Tricolore Play
  • Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake Play
  • French Toast Waffles

    French Toast Waffles Play
  • Fruit Slush Punch

    Fruit Slush Punch Play
  • Sweet Rice Cakes

    Sweet Rice Cakes Play
  • Father's Day Cobbler

    Father's Day Cobbler Play
  • Chicken Parmesan

    Chicken Parmesan Play